Parable about ruby

Well, what, native mine? At last a self-supporting job for you! It konvertik, in which one… 000 000$. Missing digits ahead write down.

This parable is in Russian very difficult to uncover, because only the outer shell, and that approximately, while translating, has been transmitted. To tell more precisely, it has been artly embellished, therefore for disclosure of sense of this parable it was necessary to lean against a parable-original written in old Turkic tongue, and to make an interlinear translation.

So. The crown prince of dwelling Abbasidov, offsprings of the uncle of the Prophet, cores as there live customary people. As it is accepted among notable Arabs, this person whom Daud called an ale of Abbasi, termed itself as Daud, son Altafa.

Ancestors have lost all oofs and have not abandoned to it anything, except a title of the prince. After three breeds its stem has got stronger, the prince has risen to a rank of the small trader. His life transited on a market where he sold seeds and spices.

Once he has fallen in love with the daughter of a rich merchant. The merchant has demonstrated matchmakers of incomparable beauty ruby and has told:

— Though my daughter also is born for this prince, but in our dwelling there is a custom. Everyone who enters in our monogynopaedium, should bring with itself(himself) the same ruby. And this order cannot be modified. If will bring, I will donate it in the wife the daughter.

And the prince has solved to discover ruby. Having learnt about it, dealers approached to it and tendered miscellaneous ruby, but was not among them even similar to a volume. The prince asked the dealers who have come from the West and the east, from a north and the south. All spoke:

— Is there.

But it was necessary to the prince to see their treasures as it was comprehended by new and new disappointment. So have transited months, have transited years, but all its tryings were vain.

When once in melancholy about a beloved he sat in the overgrown small garden, has suddenly experienced that nearby someone costs. Having hoisted eyes, he has seen dervisha, all grown, in a dirty tatter. Having risen towards dervishu, the prince has told, how it was accepted in their monogynopaedium:

— Hi, about my king!

— We track you since you have fallen in love with the daughter of a rich merchant, — have told dervish. — That ruby which one you search, is at us. I — a saver of oof of thy dwelling.

— What oof? All oof is already dissipated for a long time! — the prince has told.

— No, you make an error, — have answered dervish, — oof of thy monogynopaedium hugely, but it is stored farly from here: through seven steps and through seven thousand years.

— If you store such infinite treasures why itself you walk in rag, barefoot, with hungry luster in eyes?

— At first, because I am only a saver of oof and power of thy monogynopaedium, and secondly because I do not want to tease malicious rack of people which one will try to steal that does not belong to it.

— Then yield me this oof.

— No! We should reach there where it is stored. And there to reach, you should become blind and the dummy, blindfold, close ears and sit on an ass.

We can depart to a trajectory behind treasures, — he has told, — but under one requirement: some days and nights while we will go to mounts, you should not unclose eyes and ears, should not climb down from an ass.

If you will unclose eyes, you will appear half way, in that place where at you not will roads neither forward, nor back. You will be lost and for ever will remain in country of a perpetually walk.

Then in three days and three nights you slezesh from an ass also will go on foot, being held down for a flap of my robe. I will unclose thy ears. You can hear, but thy eyes will be still folded. You will unclose eyes only when I will tell. But if you unclose eyes ahead of time, both of us will disappear.

The prince has agreed, and they have set out. It has stood all these trials, and when dervish has allowed it to unclose eyes, the prince has seen the huge cave filled with infinite treasures.

Is all belongs to my stem?! — The prince was delighted.

— Yes, — has answered dervish, — and not only it. Such caves of thousand more and thousand.

— Means, I now it can pick up all with myself?! — vorkliknul the prince.

— E, no! — has answered dervish. — You have come behind ruby, therefore now can take only ruby. But when you will be ready, you will discover a trajectory to treasures. Only then again you will return here, but it when you will be ready also itself will solve: to take them in the world sleeping or to prolong to store!

And in a flash the prince has appeared in the garden. It has referred to the father of the girl ruby, and there was a wedding. Wine was poured by the river, honey — flanks. I too there was, medical-beer of saws. On whiskers flowed, and in a mouth has not got. The fairy tale is ended.

To drag from this exterior "rubbish" the million, it is necessary to you slightly popotet! In this parable there is convergence on a place of its making, on its assignment, there is an engineering of physical and contemplative exercises — all "from" and "to". Try to think over!

And if it will not be gained, wait, while the book about tajnopisi will be written… Well, well! Yield right now I will slightly open for you the maiden fog. So.

«The crown prince of dwelling Abbasidov, offsprings of the uncle of the Prophet, cores as there live customary people…».

And — Abbasidov… The Maiden character of the alphabet — alif, means an initiation. P — the Prophet…. Points that, how much in this parable of fogs. For this purpose it is necessary to consider, how much characters from And to the Item

"Prince" is a customary person who is the fellow-heir of all forces, all mogushchestv, all oofs, but does not own them. And more "prince" simultaneously is a reason, reason of the person.

«After three breeds its stem has got stronger…». Three breeds is means three years. Three years, or one thousand and one night.

Here it is told about special preparation, remission of servitude of affections — affections in the material delicacies. Here briefing is yielded that in three years to rise over this dependence. The customary person and the beggar very close, per se, concepts.

In olden time to attain the necessary state, people practiced a trajectory wandering released dervisha. Was considered that after three-year "nishchenstvovanija", that is, abidings in a state below the customary person, the spirit becomes stronger.

However, now for enhancement other trajectories are used. We go further. «… The prince has risen to a rank of the small trader».

The small trader. The dealer is a person who sells that did not fabricate. The dealer does not make and is not able to make that sells. It is more than that, they sell very often subjects and things into which one essence cannot investigate.

By analogy to our life are same science officers — theorists: fi-and-ziki, a bot-and-NICKNAMES, that is, handicraftsmen. Here the essence is that. The reason of the person even after three-year preparation will rise only to level of the small scientist which one in a state to sell another’s knowledge.

«… As it is accepted among notable Arabs…» In words "notable" and "Arab" it is necessary to read original characters. They yield here a key to a situation. The Arab-Caliph here means the maiden level of understanding, notable, significant… What has significance?

Significance is only among customary people, but among worth of customary people there is no something such that would be interesting dervishu. Perceive? All million, all billions, all authority among customary people for dervishej do not introduce any concern!

«… This person who was called by Daud…» What character in the alphabet? "D" — «Daud an ale of Abbasi…» It means that after discovery of that fog which one goes under the bill in the alphabet to "ä character, I should return to an initiation"And". Here it is a question of a birth of original true.«… His life transited on a market…»

The word "market" means the world of customary people where all is on sale. «… Where he sold seeds and spices…». Simeon means that? How you think? Trues in a bud which one were not formed yet. Customary people distribute each other true in the form of seeds.

And what usually we make of seeds how more often we can use a large quantity of seeds? We disintegrate them and we make a flour, we use for keeping up of the presence in this market.

«Spices!» Prja-I-nost mean obma-a-n! Prja-I-nost mean etiquette:

— Transit-and! O-o-o, blagochesti-and-vyj! Half an hour I trade spices, and then I speak:

— Mine hozja-I-in to you have told that you to a goat-e-l!

— About, shahan the shah from shahan shahs! About, the lord from lords! About, the kep from keps! My retiring host has termed you as a gantry.

And all this former boating round a gantry was that it stinked less. Here for what we use spices.

That is, it is frequent the people applying in dialogue with each other ethics and crop, precisely interchange, sell each other spices. And spices never feed. If them will be too much, the person can intoxicate, here about what there is a speech.

«… Ancestors have lost all oofs and have not abandoned to it anything, except a title of the prince…» It means ours with you ancestors. «Ancestors have lost…»

And actually here ka-a-k would lose! This judgement of those people which one consider: «Time I am able nothing, means, in the past too nobody mind-e-l. In the future mo-about-zhet someone will be to be able it».

From the past of anything to us does not remain, except a personal experience, which one and so has left on experiment — experiment in education of children, experiment with the life, eventually, to tell: «I was not is right or was right». But the true is not lost, the true is simply concealed.

«… Once he has fallen in love with the daughter of a rich merchant…» "Merchant" is one of secret names of the Lord. The daughter of a merchant is is throttling. The reason which one has fallen in love, only through soul can enter in the dwelling of God.

«… The Merchant has demonstrated matchmakers of incomparable beauty ruby…» Matchmakers. What is the matchmakers? Who such marrying off? Who such messenger? Here — speculation, not a word "speculation", and the concept which is between speculation and inspiration. This state is termed the matchmaker.

Everything that originally connects concept «Yes there will be light!» And light, is idea.

Now "ruby" — a keyword. Very significant keyword which one meets often in the text of parables. Ruby is the same that the maiden kiss, the maiden wedded night, the first step of the child, the maiden feeding.

Mother, for the first time in life having fed the child with a chest, will experience this ruby, learns true of a tangency of the child.

Ruby is that delights comprehension, knowledge. In the form of ruby admits pe-e-rvoe vision, light radiating from true, light radiating from God, from a choir of God. Here it pe-e-rvoe hiting at to the true perception of life and the world also is termed as ruby.

«… Has told:« Though my daughter also is born for this prince, but in our dwelling there is a custom… »The custom in dwelling Bozhiem Here is meant.

«… Everyone who enters in our monogynopaedium, should bring with itself(himself) the same ruby…» Everyone entering should come to this light with the light, the quivering sense of knowledge of this road, knowledge of true.

«… And this order cannot be modified. If will bring, I will donate it in the wife the daughter…» That is, if this person comprehends the Lord, or a state of the higher reason, or something then there will be an interflow in harmony of reason to soul.

«… And the prince has solved to discover ruby. Having learnt about it, dealers approached to it…» Dealers are there are how we already know who trades final goods, the ready information.

«… Also tendered miscellaneous ruby, but was not among them even similar to a volume. The prince asked the dealers who have come from the West and the east, from a north and the south…» That is, it had miscellaneous teachers, scientific.

«… All spoke:

— Is there.

But it was necessary to the prince to see their treasures as it was comprehended by new and new disappointment. So have transited months, have transited years, but all its tryings were vain. When once in melancholy about a beloved… ».

It is a question of such state when simultaneously there is a pleasure and there is no pleasure; there is a grief and there is no grief; there is an activity and there is no activity; is and is not present simultaneously. There there is a love and there is no love; there is an affection and there is no affection. This state is termed as a presence in a garden.

Well it is impossible to transmit words of experience of the person which one has woken up before bees and sits near to rosebushes, knee-deep wet from dew!

It is impossible to feature words senses of the person who is in a garden early in the morning when still sleep, before uncovered butonchikom in crystal droplets. For this purpose it is necessary most to be about these dewdrops.

Words it cannot be featured. As it is possible to tell to the city dweller about a rose-tree, roots leaving in land if he generally never saw how flowers grow?!

«… Sat… In a garden…» To be in a garden is means to abide in solitary exercise, this state of ageing. More often the garden in tongue tajnopisi is spotted, as self-supporting ageing.

If in a parable it is told that someone was in a garden among friends group ageing, ageing in a circle here is meant.

And here a presence in a tavern features signing on deeply made dizzy state of knowledge of true, climbing in a circle at a support each other. That is, the prince was in this state.

«… Has experienced that nearby someone costs. Having hoisted eyes, he has seen dervisha, all grown, in a dirty tatter. Having risen towards dervishu, the prince has told, how it was accepted in their monogynopaedium…»

"Monogynopaedium" means a circle Enamoured which one have accepted it already, as equal. Means, it is more narrow on the comprehension, on perception of initial level has risen to a certain step.

«— Hi, about, my king!.» These words concern the maiden Trainer, it is the sovereign. So it is accepted. In the east there is a proverb: «the Trainer — above the father».

The trainer is more honoured, than the native father! Why? Because the father together with mother yields a skew field, tracks and physical growth, and the Trainer — mental and spiritual maintains. Duho-ovnost, soul, the spirit of the person is considered glavnee skew fields.

The king can hoist any to the level, can yield half-realms, and can and punish, deprive of life. That is why so it is told about the ratio of the pupil to the Trainer.

«— We track you since you have fallen in love with the daughter of a rich merchant…» Already the hint is clear. «… Has told dervish. — That ruby which one you search, is at us. I — a saver of oof of thy dwelling.

— What oof? All oof is already dissipated for a long time! — the prince has told.

— No, you make an error, — have answered dervish, — oof of thy monogynopaedium hugely, but it is stored farly from here: through seven steps and through seven thousand years… ». Farly and not farly from here.

«— If you store such infinite treasures why itself you walk in rag, barefoot, with hungry luster in eyes?

— At first, because I am only a saver of oof and power of thy monogynopaedium, and secondly because not course to tease malicious rack of people which one will try to steal that does not belong to it.

— Then yield me this oof.

— No! We should reach there where it is stored. And there to reach, you should become blind and the dummy, blindfold, close ears and sit on an ass…»

Here, one this seam is the indicating for the beginning pupil. Why it is necessary to become "blind"? Because eyes see and can trick.

«Close down ears», that is, literally — feel! The person at whom ears do not hear, eyes do not see, he heart feels! «To sit on an ass» — means to trust dervishu.

The ass, in tongue tajnopisi, is the person yielding knowledge. The teacher occasionally so can load the pupil knowledge that that will fail them postignut and to master.

Completely to be "blind" and to sit on an ass, means to trust in the Teacher, the Trainer who will lead at first.

«— We can depart to a trajectory behind treasures, — he has told, — but under one requirement: some days and nights…» «Some days and nights» mean three.

«… We will go to mounts…», that is, to go in a direction of the higher Trainers! The task of the Trainer — "ass" — gradually to lead up the pupil to that level that it was worthy the higher Trainers, the higher Teachers who in the power have attained «a mount state».

«… You should not unclose eyes and ears, should not climb down from an ass…» In other words, the pupil cannot display independence! Now I while go only on the maiden fog.

Here there is a concealed hint that customary people make hasty outputs, looking at appearance of the Trainers, on how they put on how much they are well-groomed: accreted, not brushed and etc. For dervishej it doesn’t matter.

The skew field is a tank. The tank is a tare. When it becomes empty, we throw out it very often.

And for customary people the tare matters, instead of the essence! The crystal glass or a crystal carboy costs, say, ten bucks or hundred bucks, and centenary cognac is more narrow than five thousand bucks. The essence is relevant!

If in a tank anything is not present, in what then its essence? It is more narrow to nobody the necessary baby’s dummy.

«… If you will unclose eyes, you will appear half way, in that place where at you not will roads neither forward, nor back. You will be lost…» In other words, it will appear half way between a hell and paradise, in a purgatory and you will remain there one. It still larger punishment, when the person neither there, nor there.

«… You will be lost and for ever will remain in country of a perpetually walk. Then in three days and three nights, — at once it is clear — three years, — you slezesh from an ass and will go on foot, being held down for a flap of my robe…» That is, already maiden act of force, the maiden application si-and-ly, but being held down for osno-island.

The tail of the dressing gown means very often a bottom which one is yielded by the Trainer, but it yet true! Being held down for the first principle of knowledge and near to the Trainer.

«… I will unclose thy ears…» At first at the person responsiveness is increased. He starts to feel concealed sense of events and things, to comprehend the knowledge radiating from the higher orb.

«… You can hear, but thy eyes will be still folded…» That is, to recognise true it it is yet ready. «… You will unclose eyes only when I will tell.

But if you unclose eyes ahead of time, both of us will disappear… »You besides will remain blind, and blind it to appear in mounts is is very sad! To lose the way among mounts means loss!»

The cave where treasures are stored, is a school, a place where the great secret is stored, great knowledge, great true which one the person searches for all life!

And the maiden step to it, the maiden brick, the instrument is an intuitive thinking of which one the thinking by inspiration is plotted. When you in any state will be capable to trap a stage of inspirations you will see that sit in a treasury from the moment of a birth, and this cave — the world.

This treasury without walls, without a bottom, without any limiting — is all Universe. Introduce, all Universe of power, love, beauty, harmony, perfection?!

And you can then to discover, experience, see everything, everything, all answers to global problems stirring you, at level of galley or even more global — ecumenical — at level of the flat on a subject: «How to bump off the neighbour that it did not hinder you to smoke the root?!»

But I, all the same, hope that you already a little have grown, and I know that you learn to read between lines, to uncover concealed sense and to follow by Creation for the sake of good!

Sincerely yours,

Mirzakarim Norbekov

With love, by the way!

Dear readers!

From this book you, probably, have perceived that your obedient servant is an expert not only in the field of medicine, psychology, pedagogics, but also in a business orb. Perceive these lines not as personal arrogance, but as pride of the coach of the pupils.

For today two hundred magpies the person from their number constitute club of millionaires. If to be absolutely exact two hundred fortieth we celebrated more recently. And all of them are our graduates.

Being their coach and knowing elite businessmen of Russia and the CIS, I from the personal experience of dialogue with them would like to pay your attention to two persons.

Certainly, to me very pleasant here would be more detailed to tell about reachings of the pupils, to tell warm words to architectures which one they head, but it another time. Anyway — not here and not at present.

Now I would like to introduce you two indirect architectures. Also I make it primarily of deep respect for those people which one head them. They could create the largest business in Russia, but during our numerous occurrings and lectures any of them never speaks about money.

Therefore, when I mention confessor, from thousand and thousand businessmen, first of all, I recall them. They are patriots of Russia and think globally. The positive take of their operation expresses in improving of welfare of Russia.

I will not conceal, at first there was a vigilance, thoughts on insincerity. And when in due course has perceived, on what inclinings they plot the business, I began the-pupils to cite them as an example, as a formation sample of honesty, decency, confessor.

These people, first of all, think of the associates, and then about themselves. And I was convinced time and again of it!

Therefore, expensive reader if you already are engaged in business or thanks to this book solve to unclose the business and to you reliable partners I can recommend to you two architectures will be necessary fair, decent.

Maiden is holding "Ýß¿¼á", principal Dyomin Nikolay Jakovlevich. This versatile agroindustrial company — one of the largest vendors and product providers of a delivery.

Another — holding "ICE-FILM", Nikolays Mihail Ivanovich’s principal. It is the insurance bunch including seven insurers of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Ivanov and Ioshkar Ola.

Not before architectures I bend a head, and a front their creators and principals because they have got traditions which one the aristocratism of their business is saved. They have laid a foundation, on which one longtime partner ratios — business for centuries are held down.

With the kindest wishes of success, victories and prosperity.

Mirzakarim Norbekov

[1] All religions have one Initiation so, each ward of the new envoy  strenghtens and maintains one religion.

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Science on Service at Creativity

We TRIED religion and it has failed.

We tried a policy and it has failed.

Now we should try a science. Give it chance because for three hundred years it has led to such process of which one was not for one thousand years of a survival of mankind.

So I tender you that you had one Academy of Sciences in the world that there was no Russian scientist, any American scientist, any Hindu scientist, the Christian scientist — it has transited all. This academy will assemble all geniuses of the world.

The science has grown to such complication that it is impossible for scientists to work self-contained most with itself. They need strong support from politicians. Their scientific designs are so expensive that only the governments of rich countries can give them a capability. So the scientist neosoznanno falls a victim in arms of politicians.

Now it works, as a serving of nationalism, communism, fascism, capitalism — it any more the independent explorer, it a part of certain political philosophy. It works and discovers that it has no control over own discoveries. Control is in arms of politicians. They solve, in what direction it should work; otherwise they will not maintain financially its design.

It can be modified only if two things to add to a science: maiden that exists not only an objective science, but also to unclose doors for subjective probe of consciousness. The scientist should not prolong to work only on objects — it should work over learning itself(himself).

Till now it rejected own consciousness. It so is absurd, so it is illogical, so is not scientific, it leads a science more close to superstitions, to so-called religions. They believe blindfold in God concerning whom know nothing, and scientists prolong not to believe in themselves. The superstition is huge, incredible. If there is nobody in you if there there is no consciousness in you then who prepares to discover secrets and confidential problems of the nature and life? Till now the science behaved the most superstitious method. It imitated religion.

If the science does not unclose measuring in itself, it does not become a blanket subject, the whole subject; it remains only a part, the fractional point of view, half of truth.

The science will acquire huge significance if she adds subjective knowledge if she adds meditation methods to concentration methods.

Concentration methods they research you outside, ekstravertny. Mind which one has capability to concentration is indispensable for a science. Meditation discovers capabilities to follow mind limits, in silence to be absolutely pure, to reach non-existence states.

If the science does not accept meditation as a valid method, it remains a vague science; because it only half of essence, and it is dangerous. It can be easily used for death — because faithlessness in consciousness will lead to a faith in death. A leah so will not matter there will be it from Nagasaki, Hiroshima, or the whole Terrestrial globe will commit suicide. Does not matter, because all rests against that — that there is no sensibleness. All will perish.

The scientist will rebel against politicians only when meditation measuring will add to the probes, to the operation.

In second, the scientist should remember that now it ensures politicians with self-destructive automatic weapon. It opposes mankind, it opposes the new person and new mankind. It opposes own children. It sows seeds of death for all.

This time when scientists should will learn to differentiate meanwhile — a leah they help life or they help to destroy life. Only because of the salary and comfort they should not be similar to slaves and the robots working for war which one corruptings will be unprecedented.

The scientist should become also revolutionary. It should become at first the spiritual researcher, and secondly it should be revoljutsionen.

The scientist should not obsuzhivat death — what major money it would be not necessary.

It should not follow directives of politicians, he should solve self-contained that is useful to a bionomics that is useful to the best life, for more beautiful existence. And he should denounce politicians if they force him to work for war servicing: he should be failed completely, everywhere — in Soviet Union, America, China, in other countries, all over the world. Scientists need making of global Association for themselves which one can solve, what probe can be prolonged, and what should be dropped.

Precisely how once scientists have rebelled against religion and its dictatorship, now they should rebel against politicians and their dictatorship. Scientists should stand on own stands and to be absolutely pure that they could not be maintained. They are maintained everywhere. Only because they will gain the Nobel prize and the major fee, — they are ready to sacrifice all mankind because of these Nobel prizes, because of all these silly rewards. They prolong themselves to lead like children. These rewards both these prizes and these respectable gifts, all is toys and odurachivanie, and even it reduces your great scientists in delusion. When the dwelling is on light, do not remain inside with your plays and toys — quit!

I would like, that all intellectual people have created hum all over the world against those scientists who services the governments and politicians for making of new instruments of war. Masses should wake up and oppose these scientists; they now the greatest hazard, and their cooperation with politicians should be broken down.

The major incentive to meditation is indispensable for scientists. Only then they can see that they have done against the future mankind. They have destroyed hope — while with the same intelligence they could create paradise on the Earth for the new person, for their children, and for children of their children the best life in the world, more healthy, with larger love, with a consciousness considerable quantity.

The science should become spiritual.

It should not exhaust all power resources in an external world, but penetrate into treasures of our interior potential. It is a great potential, but a potential which one is not used yet. Just as there was a successful infiltration into a substance secret, there is a capability to penetrate into consciousness secrets too. Then it will be major blessing, great blessing.

As I am disturbed, I will touch my vision of new mankind. I see a science having two measurings: lower measuring working over objects, and the higher measuring working over consciousness. Lower measuring should work as ministering for higher measuring; then there will be no necessity for any other religions then the science will fulfil is total all needs of the person.

Albert Einstein has told before he has perished: "If I knew that the atomic bomb becomes effect of my creativity, operation of all my life, I never would become the physicist. And if sometime I have other life, I ask God, please make me the plumber, than the physicist is better."

Certainly that it implemented the huge creative potential, has no analogues in the whole history. It has come to understanding of one of the most confidential things of the objective world. Actually he has discovered half of secret — he could see death of a cell in matter, in atom. Remained half is a living cell in a human body.

Splitting an atom, forms so a lot of energy — laminating such small atom. You cannot see it your customary view, by means of any means: it only is deduced, it only in evaluations. It only evaluation; you cannot precisely know where it and that it. Yes, all qualities have been featured, specification statements have been yielded, but all of them the logical inference. But because they work, they are accepted for true — not that we have met face to face atom.

But even the understanding of half of secret of the objective world is the most major reaching of the person, its creativity, its ingenuity, its genius.

It will be finite other half of much more difficult for learning. But sooner or later there will be an outbreak in our understanding of secret of life of a cell. This day will be the most major pleasure because after that we can program the person life, its mind, its genius, its age, its illness, bloom of his eyes, bloom of its hair, its growth, its weight — all in detail can be programmed. As soon as we learn all secrets of a living cell then any program can be placed in it.

But who knows, a leah this great potential will be used also how atomic probe was used? If we prolong that trajectory which one exists now, was most interquartile that people which one are in power, will want to program the person, according to their desires, and they will not miss such capability. It is a capability which one they searched millenaries. It is their greatest capability; can be nothing more than it.

As soon as they can program the person then there will be no revolution, any independence, any individuality, any problems, any shocks, anything. The person becomes the robot.

In the past it is not made anything, the person was maintained, without reflecting on the future.

Our minds are conventional also an introduced situation is total differs. It is impossible to solve introduced problems conventional ideas.

If politicians prepare to fulfil experiments on human life, or so-called religions prepare to make it then it against the nature — they cannot make something natural. But if it is made by international Academy of scientists — I speak international Academy of scientists is can be a huge, progressive step, and will not be against the nature, against natural growth.

Great arousing is necessary — the scientist should perceive the liability that it became almost God; he can create or it can destroy. It needs to resemble that it any more the old scientist of times of Galilei, simply working in the own dwelling, with several tubes and several bottles, only admixing chemicals and experimenting. Those days have transited. Now it is valid to destroy the whole life of this planet or to create life such perfect and such beata whom the person imagined to itself only in paradise.

It can be possible here. Some small bunches of scientists have started to work in these directions. Nobody believes them.

Japan has created artificial island because in Japan so there is not enough land and begins impossible to dilate industries. Japan became the richest country in the world. It is necessary for it more and more land.

Old trajectory — to capture certain other country it is impossible now.

The fear of the third world war has overhung over everyone.

Japan has created artificial island which one will be used for industrial evolution. It will be floating in ocean. As soon as it will transit successfully, Japan will create a larger amount of land, than God has created for six days. There there are huge capabilities for a science — as soon as it any more does not service death. It can be the cities floating at ocean. Japan also successfully tried to make subterranean cities why under the old concept you should live only above ground? You can live underground; it more nonpredatory there, you can gain enough of light oxygen enough because all will be in arms of the scientist.

Precisely how subterranean cities are possible, floating cities at ocean are possible, and cities under ocean too are possible, volant cities are possible…. As soon as the science will modified the ratio and will shut down the favour in relation to politicians and to war so a lot of energy will be released also scientists can make all these things.

As on me, all it seems almost predicted. It happens, because the land prepares to overstrain itself with the population. It has already attained five billions people, and by 2010 us will be twice more. The population in ten billions people? The Earth has become impoverished, it was maintained by centuries, and cannot withstand all. You should create the new vegetables, new nutriment, is is possible artificial nutriment. In Soviet Union already there are foetuses which one God did not create for those six days. In the same way as animals can be framed by transposition, they have crossed trees and have gained new foetuses which one yield them healthy taste, healthy juice… Foetuses with which one the person never ate earlier!

It should become conventional to true that any science should make the contribution to very critical moment to lives of this planet and only scientists can make it correctly.

For example, the problem of pollution and corrupting of level of ozone is is framed by a science and only the science can permit it. Various new production engineering can be discovered, which one do not destroy an ozonosphere and do not create greenhouse effect. If it is impossible, then an industry polluting industries should be folded and their programs are exchanged with something else. But it is all there should be an accomplishment by a science.

It be no point in science condemnation because it has made and has much yielded for health and medicine, and has saved lives to million children which one should perish… Also there are hundreds inventions which one have been acquired, but were never exhibited on sale — being acquired to prevent only sale because they were against legitimate interests of the governments. When there will be one universal government, businesses can have completely other agreements.

The science has major capabilities, only we were not capable to use those capabilities yet.

Major revolution is indispensable. Precisely how scientists have rebelled once against religion, struggled against religion — now they should oppose politicians, against nationalism. At them heavy responsibility.

The new person will need them, and their revolution. Scientific most relevant people for survival of mankind.

Being of the Foreman

Osho, you have told that hearts of yours sanjasinov are wobbled in a unison with your heart. You could tell a bit more about this phenomenon? How the pupil moves from a head to heart? A leah means it, what sometimes the pupil is in harmony with you, and sometimes is not present? And, if so what to make to the pupil, being propelled farly from you, and what will help the pupil, to return back?

It is difficult for perceiving a little. Everything that happens to heart, it is always difficult for understanding. There are all some pupils who day by day are in deep harmony with me. There is no gap. Actually, only they can be termed as friends.

Here I would like to tell something in what the secret of my whole life consists:

In one beautiful morning, Gautama the Buddha was on walk with its pupil, Anandoj. It was serotinal autumn; all trees stood almost bare and leaves lay on road. From a wind trees shivered, and leaves made beautiful sounds. Going on those leaves. The Buddha was very happy… From music of dry leaves.

It has taken some leaves in the arm. Anand has asked it: "the Teacher, I always wanted to ask one thing, but to retire so difficultly. You are always environed with people. Today you one in it to working scaffolds, and I cannot opposes to tempting. I want to ask you:" you have told to all of us, or you have saved some secrets? The Buddha has told: "you see leaves in my arm? And you see all leaves in it to working scaffolds?" Anand has told: "Yes, I see, but I do not perceive that it — means". The Buddha has told: "You will fathom. I have told only that is in my arms, and I keep a secret of all leaves which one are in it to working scaffolds".

My situation differs a little. I have told about whole working scaffolds; and only one thing I have saved in a secret, only one leaf. The Buddha has declared before the death that it will come again in twenty five centuries, and that his name will be Matrejja. Matrejja the friend means. The Buddha has not returned; no illuminated person has returned yet, so it — only words….

That he has told, has huge relevance. Nothing can be made with its resetting; it cannot return. It would mean that ancient connection between the Foreman and the Pupil would be upset in twenty five centuries. It was its clearness of perception — it did not foretell something — only its clearness to see that as things are modified as they were modified in the past and as they prolong to be modified, it is required at least twenty five centuries for the Foreman and the Pupil to become out of a time. Only then the illuminated Foreman can become the friend.

I always did not want to be to anybody the Foreman. But people want to have the Foreman, they want to be pupils; hence, I play a role. Now the time to tell to you that now many of you are ready to accept me as the friend. Those who are in harmony with me continuously, without any discontinuing, — is unique real friends.

There are people, who — sometimes in harmony with me, and sometimes not in harmony with me. You ask, why it happens. The parent — it is is possible you will udivlenny, having learnt that sometimes they are in harmony with me because I am in harmony with them because everything that I speak — matches to them. They feel that it is absolutely correct. When they not in harmony with me, vice-versa they feel that they are in harmony with me only because I fulfil some of their ideas, some of their waitings. It is illusion.

As soon as you it is real in harmony with me, you cannot be out of it. But if someone impinges out of it, it simply means that I have told something that I have made something that does not match to you. You remain the judge. You have not ceased to denounce. Your ego — still there.

I used every day to go on walk with one of my professors. In one day when we were returned from walk, other professor has overrun us on a trajectory. It went on walk, we were returned. He knew me, but he did not know my professor. My professor was new, he only has headed stand two or three days ago. So he has asked me: "you, come here every day?" I have told: "Yes, I come here every day. And within three days my professor also came with me." My professor stood all angry. I have asked it: "What is the matter? you look so razgnevanno." 0н has told: "it is finite. You come with me, and you have told that I come with you." I have told: "It — really truth. How the professor with the student can come? It always the student, walks with the professor. So forgive me. But it simply demonstrates that you are the idiot, and tomorrow you do not prepare to come with me."

People strange. I was there within two years. He there only within three days, but it wanted to hear that I came with it. Only an ego capable to see everywhere deficiencies. So it happens, when you feel that I say something that performs your waitings, you — with me, your heart is wobbled in a unison with mine, you are in harmony with me. No. Please forgive me for frankness — only I — with you. Soon something happens — I tell something, I make something — and your heart is not wobbled any more with me in a unison.

So store one thing: when you — with me, it is continuum, without any gaps. That I say that I make, has no meaning, because you — not the judge. You love me, a trajectory which one I am. I do not judge you. I love you, a trajectory which one you are. And if it modifies, then remember that it is condemnation, and is faster than advance with me, you will try to pull me with you. And it not so is pleasant.

I can walk with you, but you are in the dark, and you will lead me in darkness. I have no problem in coming with you. You cannot destroy my light; I can destroy your darkness.

I cannot lose something, going with you. You should lose many things, going with me. And when you love someone. You are ready to lose everything, even yourselves. The moment when you are ready to lose yourselves, the friendship is complete. Also there is something perfect.

Precisely in twenty five centuries after death of the Buddha, I exchange a bottom name so that remain only Rajneesh Friends International. It is not only name change. It will modified all our driving. And you should grow so that that I wanted to move to you, and it happens. So that my dream has been implemented.

They will not allow me. Resolution? "The last Will",

Thom 3, Chapter 23


Osho So it is a lot of contemporaries and the illuminated Foremans, such as — Raman Maharishi, the Woman, George Gurdzhiev and Krishnamurti — worked as Meher with people, but people take offence at you, than someone else more. Osho in what your procedure consists, and than it differs from procedures of other illuminated Foremans?

The problem is very fundamental. It originates in many human minds and consequently needs very deep understanding of operation of various Foremans.

We will take each of Foremans in this problem separately.

RAMAN MAHARISHI — the mystic of the high quality, but the Foreman of the low quality. And you should perceive what to be the mystic is one thing, and to be the Foreman, is perfect another.

From thousand mystics, it is is possible only one — the Foreman Nine hundred ninety nine remain in silence — being in handicapping wherefore that they have perceived cannot be transmitted any possible method to another; and not only it it is difficult to transmit, but it can be misinterpreted also.

Certainly, the one who has arrived to an ultimate spike of consciousness, was most interquartile will solve not to trouble more about the world. He suffered affliction hundreds lives, living with these poor people living with all types of misunderstanding, going in the dark and nothing discovering. And these blind people who never saw light, all suppose that they know, what light. Since ancient times, the philosopher was considered as the person who in a dark room searches at night for a black cat who there is not present.

And looking up is prolonged….

After the long, long, tiresome journey, someone has come to solar activity spike to relaxing, for the first time — having bridged to existence, and solves not to reach further with all these blind and dummy people who will misinterpret your advance who will distort you who will excruciate you who prepares to poison you who prepares to make any nonsense against you. What for troubles?

You cannot charge those nine hundred ninety nine mystics who has solved to remain in silence. It — not their liability, it — not their locking. They should not anything to the world; why they should reach in chaos, in the world which have become by a madhouse?

RAMAN MAHARISHI remained in its cave in mounts of Arunahal the whole life, unaffected the world. He was primely tired of it. Certainly, nobody against it.

He never spoke anything against any superstition, against any inclining, which one osnovanju on falsehood. It never criticises any religion, any policy. It — not the revolutionary. He is not interested by conversion of the person, making of the best company.

He is not interested even not to share its experience. It only is similar to the good person — if you are exhausted by thirst, you should discover a trajectory, you will discover a bucket, you should discover a rope, you should reach waters. Water is not interested by you or in your thirst.

Certainly there is nobody who criticises Raman Maharishi. He lived quietly, nonpredatory — not against any legitimate interest, not for statements of the new person, and new mankind. It is fulfilled and contented; it has finished the world.

Meher the Woman — has not finished the world in the same sense, as Raman Maharishi. But he is interested only in your spiritual growth — as though spiritual growth — something separate of the whole structure of society, religion, the formation, all traditions and agreements.

So it remains your spiritual growth interested only, but spiritual growth is the difficult appearance — it is bridged to many other things. If your condition is modified, if your systems of convictions are modified, if your judgement is not encumbered past — are available so many things which one should be cleared — only then there can be hardly audible voice of your entity.

Meher the Woman takes spiritual growth out of a context. Certainly nobody against it. Actually, all legitimate interests are extremely respectful for such people because they continuously yield — without any effort their part — opium to people. They yield idea — which one is irregular — this your spiritual growth is impossible transiting deep psychologic revolution.

Secondly. Meher the Woman remained silent the whole life; he never spoke. Everything that is written on behalf of Mehera of the Woman, written by its secretary. Now, there is no method to learn, a leah the secretary from own judgement recorded.

It has come to see me, and I looked directly at it from eye position when I have asked: "you are confident, what everything, what you have written, not from your name? You can yield me any evidence, what these reports telepaticheski have been yielded you by Meherom the Woman?"

He has experienced major concern, and he has told, I cannot tell it with absolute reliance, but it — how I felt — that it were the reports yielded me by Meherom the Woman.

But your senses…. You ever tried to gain any method confirmation of Mehera the Woman, its signature? He did not say that it is true, but it could use the autograph. You could demonstrate your book…., he did not talk, but he could hear. You could ask it: "I have written this book from your name, and I feel that it is your report. Only yield your signature so that I could report a pattern that Meher the Woman agrees with me." It would be the simple method.;

Meher the Woman would use a small part from the whole alphabet only for small reports and businesses. You would appeal for about its blessings, and it would seat the pin on characters, "b-l-e-s-s-i-n-g" — blessings are yielded.

If it could yield blessings on a plateau, he could tell "yes" or "is not present" on the same board, but he never asked. Actually, the secretary could be afraid that he could tell "is not present".

Now, who will be against this person? — Who did not talk, who not against something and somebody. Its integrity can help your confessor — and only with silence; you can sit with it in silence. Now, there is very much a trace amount of people in the world who can perceive silence. At first it is necessary for foreman to train you how to be silent and if it is contented now you are capable to listening in silence, to listen to that cannot be said aloud, orally, but only telepaticheski….

Meher the Woman never plotted anybody for telepathic perception of thoughts. And me it, apparently, nonsense. What need? — Because even in telepathy you should use the same tongue. If I want to tell something to you — a leah I tell it loudly so that you could hear, or I tell it silently so that you could hear only telepaticheski, it has no difference. If I do not try to yield report which one are confidential, or there is some privacy….

But round Mehera of the Woman, happens nothing. The person himself had high potential, but it remained in silence for the same parent as well as Raman Maharishi.

But it did not remain in one place. He was not failed from the world completely. He still thought that some trajectory can be discovered to come nearer to true. It moved all over the world in looking up of researchers of true, but I do not think that it has discovered somebody. It discovered only idolaters who sang devot songs to it because they had desires.

And in the east it is necessary that if the person who has brightened up blesses you, any desire should be performed. Existence never can speak is not present to the illuminated consciousness. For the illuminated person, existence — always speaks "yes", there is a deep connection.

So people who has prepared round Mehera of the Woman, were not researchers, they were people who wanted to have a standing, authority, money, prestige — all dishonourable people. And consequently that it attracted people of desires craving embodiment and did not tell something, it was not against company legitimate interests. Why any government should be against it? Why any religion should be against it?

There was no problem — these people were harmless.

The THIRD PERSON In our AGENDA — GEORGE GURDZHIEV. He is the most unique Foreman who was seen ever by the world, but its uniqueness has created spacing interval between it and customary mankind. All its methods were valid, methods, but a trajectory long and it has made it even longer trajectory.

Actually, it was one of its methods to discover real researchers. You are ready to go to the extremity of the world, or — you only the dealer of curiosity? — You will go slowly learning all about the person, spending its time, and then you are returned in the world. He selected only those who was ready even to perish, if it is unique method to discover truth.

Certainly it has been environed only very small bunch of people. He also has not been interested by any social revolution. Its concern has been massed on several persons, who was valiant enough to yield them their initial person, to help them, to learn ultimate ecstasy by which one existence makes accessible. But it — only for few elite. Not because someone selects them is but because only very much a small amount of people are valiant enough to risk all in search of itself, they became few elite because of their characteristic bravery and their characteristic boldness.

And Gurdzhiev has not been interested in all sleeping mankind. Raman Maharishi has not been interested. Gurdzhiev was not only it is not interested, he denounced, a capability for those who slept living together. It — edinstvenyj the person in all chronology who has told: "These out-of-operation people have no soul while the person does not become illuminated, it cannot have soul. Soul — an award: you do not come with soul to a birth, you attain it your efforts".

Certainly, no government has been insulted, no church has been insulted. If the person assembles two dozen people, the Pope is not excited, shankarachari are not stirred — it — not the competitor. And it worked personally with each individual — naturally, it could not work with million people.

So these people were only on the brink; their names can occur only in references. They do not belong to vast mankind — only at edges. Retention of small bunches, was not hazard to somebody.

And the FOURTH PERSON, KRISHNAMURTI, could be dangerous, could be stirred up — it had higher intelligence than any Jesus Christ, and much more intellectual genius than any Socrat — but because of certain obsessions, it was against architecture. It was against all architectures.

Certainly it would be possible to think that if it was against all architectures, means all architectures have been angry by it. But case was not so because he has never created any own architecture.

The lone individual within ninety years continuously went all over the world. Who will pay attention? Seven hundreds million roman catholics prepares to trouble concerning a lone individual who speaks against architectures? And who listens to it?

In India he spoke in New Delhi, Bombay and Madras. It not India. Nine hundreds million people does not live in these three cities. And how it is a lot of people in Bombay listened to it? — It is no more than three thousand. And these three thousand were almost always the same people who listened to it within forty years, fifty years. He told the same things all his life, and the same people listened.

Actually, nobody listened.

It became an entertainment type, and it — that he has told to one of my friends, who has gone to see it only before death: "the Thing which one causes me a pain most of all — that I became only entertainment for several people and anything else. And some persons enjoyed my logic, and it was all."

And now, when it is dead, efforts of ninety years, have simply disappeared in air.

The governments — against me, because I — against them. Religions — against me, because I — against religions. Political leaders are angry by me because I say that they are mediocre, because I say that only mentally sick people can be interested in a policy. People who suffer affliction an inferiority complex — search for authorities, become ministers, presidents.

These people should be in insane hospitals, and they control the world.

I — against all religions because I — for religiosity, and religions am parting layers to making of mankind with quality of religiosity.

Christianity not necessity, Induizm, Moslem. They — parting layers to religious progress. That is necessary — truthfulness, sincerity, silence, love… Life in pleasures, playfulness… Life of deep looking up, consciousness probe. And these qualities have not something in common with Christianity or the Judaism, or Dzhajnizmom, or the Buddhism.

Meditation is indispensable, but meditation — nobody’s monopoly.

Certainly, all religions against me, are angry. Because I am the maiden person in all history who says that religions — are parting layers to mankind to its formation religious. They — not transportation facilities of God, they are enemies of God. Popes and Ajatoly Homeni and shankarachari — they not quoters of God; they can be quoters of a devil. Because they have parted mankind, and within centuries continuously created conflictings, bloodshed, wars, crusades, jihad, sacred wars, and all types of nonsense.

On behalf of religion, these people oppress mankind.

I — against the nations because I do not see need for the nations in the future. Why there can not be a whole mother Earth one uniform mankind? — Which one would be sane, more scientific, ruly. Right now things such that you can say only that we live in the mad world. Each three months the total market in Europe dumps so a lot of food is dropped in ocean… Oil mounts! The last time they should destroy so a lot of foodstuffs because value has fallen, two hundred million bucks is — not food value, it is value of its killing. But only in near superjacent Ethiopia, one thousand people perished every day.

We live in what world? Half of mankind perishes in poverty. Each six months, America prolongs to launch billions bucks of the food in ocean, but they will not yield those foodstuffs of Ethiopia or India, or to any other country where people fast and perish. Nobody cares concerning the person; everyone cares only of money.

The food should be destroyed, differently the market prices will impinge, and they do not want, that the offal price, these allocated to money people cannot be termed as the standard. They want, that their prices remained steady so the food should be destroyed.

If the whole world is uniform, things can be very simple.

In at one time Russia incinerated wheat in trains instead of coal because coal in Russia more cost intensive, and they had wheat overabundance. In India, people perished, because wheat was not accessible. Coal we have enough, but you cannot eat coal. If the world was uniform, coal from India could go to Russia, and wheat from Russia could move to India.

It be no point to destroy mounts, precisely mounts of oil. And why they should destroy it? Before, they sold it Libya. In Libya oil was accessible on half of price of oil in Europe. Oil started with Europe, but they sold it at the idle price, if only to be saved of it. Otherwise they should arrange a dumping, and on it money is necessary. Only, to save that money, they yielded it to Libya.

But president Ronald Reagan has started to go against Libya without any parent generally, the poor country is destroyed by bombing, three buildings of Kaddafi are destroyed by bombing, one of his daughters — for any parent generally — and pressure to Europe, that all is destroyed. That they yielded Libya, has been paused. Oil mounts prepared in Europe. Now you need a place, a cool storage…, so old oil has been dropped in ocean to let pass for new oil.

There is no need for the nations. It is survival of the past.

And if there are no nations, there is no need for armies. Right now, seventy percents from the budget of each country goes to military men; seventy percents to military men who do not make anything except for left, right, left, right, glazing the weapon, boots, push buttons is — everything that they make. And all over the world, seventy percents from the budget goes on the military purposes and the whole countries, should live on thirty percents from their budget.

If the nations disappear, hundred percents of the budget well for the whole country — because armies are useless. Right now there are no problems to begin any war with any planet. With whom you prepare to struggle? What for it is necessary to glaze your weapon every day? To march in the morning and in the evening, left, right? All these idiots who makes it — can be occupied with creative operation.

I against any nations in the world. The world — one uniform mankind. I do not want religions in the world.

Religiosity has enough, more than it is enough. As religions disappear, million friars and nuns, who — only parasites disappear…., they do not make anything. It is other army which one sits on a mankind chest. They should disappear. They were failed from the world, but for their food, for their clothing, for their layout, the world should work. It is very strange thing: they have merited advantage having failed from the world; they will enter in paradise. You will go to hell because you have ensured with it the foodstuffs, clothing, protection to these righteous men. And they simply denounce you! The strange logic.

These people should go to hell — who did not make anything except for condemnation, causing sense of guilt in each trespasser, creating corrupting of blanket integrity and self-respect. But these people will go to paradise.

With extinction of the religions, all these people can be placed in creative operation. There is no need for monasteries, there is no need for churches, temples, mosques. All these dwellings of God — and there are million people who has no dwelling who lives the whole life on passage. Buildings of God — are empty — there is there no God. All these buildings of God can be accessible to the homeless. All these friars can be placed in the creative operation, all armies, can be placed in creative operation. And when there is no more nations, all dirty policy should disappear. Various agreements can be made for control of the whole world — the world the government grounded on advantages, not dependent on bulletins will control. In the whole world of thousand universities. The universal government can be abandoned in arms of universities, and all universities should select the best people for Universal government. The minister of enlightenment should be the person who really perceives in formation and who can bring new forms of formation in the world.

It is a lot of government departments should disappear in them there will be no need. For example, the protection ministry — protection, against whom?

Universities can select the most worthy people — the Nobel winners, great vice-chancellors, great artists, painters, poets. Other appearance of the government which one does not depend on voices of somnolent mankind, those who does not know would be had that they make.

And we can make this world really Garden of Paradise. Adam and Eve not to return back to Paradise Garden. And in one day you will hear knocking at a door — it God wants to enter! Because you have managed to create a new Garden better than was its old. But we can save that garden also, as a museum part.

Certainly. Raman Maharishi, Meher the Woman, Gurdzhiev, Krishnamurti — belongs to other category.

I belong to my characteristic category. There is no category to which one I can belong; I should create my category.

Certainly they — all against me because I prepare to remove all their authorities, all their plots against mankind. Certainly, they together against me.

And they are a little puzzled: what to make with one person?. All governments of the world, all religions in the world should solve against one individuality. Certainly it is one individuality should be very significant; otherwise there would be no need so it is a lot of fear, a paranoia.

I — for spiritual growth of the person, but I perceive spiritual growth in the whole context. It — not something separate, one measuring; this many-dimensional appearance. Revolution in a company Is required. Revolution in economical, political structures of society Is required; it is required huge and a sweeping change in all that dominated over us till now.

We should create tearing with the past.

Only then the new person — really spiritual person, the person of space sizes — can be born.

I am certainly blest, because I maiden who is contrasted all.

Such situation has never happened before, and will never happen again. And you also are blest, because you — travel with the person who is not primely old, and dead sacred, a sweet.

I want, that you were the salt of land. Too many sacred sweets we have created so many diabetics. We need other types sacred.

I have termed that other type of sacred Zorba-Budda.

Osho: Sermons on Rocks, Chapter 1

The new Person

I train the new person, the new mankind, the new concept of a presence in the world. I declare homo novus. The old person perishes, and there is no necessity to help it to remain more in alive. The old person is on the deathbed: do not cry about they be help it to perish. Because only with death of the old the new can be born. Termination old — will give rise to the new.

My message to mankind — the new person. It is less than it — I will not make. It is necessary not to modified something, not something continuous with the past, but completely to interrupt.

The person lives now not truely, not really; the person led pseudo life. The person lived patholologically, the person lived in major illness. Also there is no necessity to live in this pathology — we can quit prison because the prison is made by our characteristic arms. We are in prison because we have solved to be in prison — because we have solved that prison not prison, but our dwelling.

My message to mankind: already enough enough. Wake up! Look that the person has made with itself. For three thousand years the mankind has committed five thousand wars. You cannot term this mankind healthy. And only Buddhas at times came out. If in a garden only at times the plant brings a flower, and the whole garden remains without flowers, you will term it as a garden? Something very principal went abnormally. Each person is born to be the Buddha: on smaller you should not calculate.

I declare you Buddhas.

But what went abnormally? Why the person lived during thousand years in a hell? During thousand years we lived with the concept of the person as fighter, between more low and above, material and spiritual, temporal and other-wordly, between good and malicious, between God and the Devil. Thereof, have strongly restricted a human potential. To destroy the person, to destroy its force, major policy was used — and the person has been cleft on two. The person lived with concept or / or: Either to be the materialist or to be spiritual. To you have told that you cannot be both. Or there should be a skew field or soul — you were trained. You cannot be simultaneous both.

It was the climax parent of travails of the person. The person has parted itself on a part and prepares to remain in a hell. Paradise is born, when the person more is not portioned. The cleft person is doomed to travails, and the person integrated is doomed fortunately.

Till now, the mankind was schizophrenic — because to you have told kill all bad, be failed from many parts yours of the natural nature. Deflecting them, negating them, you cannot destroy they be they will simply leave in subconsciousness. They will prolong to operate not osoznanno; they become really more dangerous.

The person — organic whole. And everything that God has yielded the person, should be used; nothing should be deflected. The person can become an orchestra; everything that is necessary — art of making of harmony in itself.

But your so-called religions have trained you in a trajectory of jar, a trajectory of a difference, a conflicting trajectory. And when you struggle with yourselves directly, you prolong to disperse your energy. You become dull, not creative, silly — because without major energy anybody never became the creator. When there is an energy overflow there creativity. The intelligence overfilled with energy starts to grow. And the person lives in interior poverty.

My message to mankind: create the new person — not disjoined, integrated, whole.

The Buddha — not whole, Zorba not whole. Both is half and half. I love Zorbu, I love the Buddha. But when I learn the deepest core of Zorby something misses: it has no soul. When I learn the Buddha, something again misses: it has no skew field.

I learn you to a great occurring: to an occurring of Zorby and the Buddha. I learn — to new synthesis of Zorbe-Budde. A land and root occurring, an occurring visible and invisible, an occurring of all poljarnostej — men and women, day and night, summer and winter, sex and ecstasy. Only in such occurring the new person will arrive to the Earth.

Mine sanjasiny, my people, are the maiden rays of that new person, that homo Novus.

Interior dividing has given mankind in a suicide state. It has created only slaves — and slaves cannot live really, they have no anything to live. They live for others. They have been diminished to machines — qualified, effective, but machines. And the machine cannot have pleasure of life. It cannot celebrate, she can suffer affliction only.

Old religions preached retracting. Retracting was a damnation. I have brought blessing to you: I train pleasures, not in retracting. The world cannot be rejected, because God did not recant from it — why you should? God is life… Why you should be out of it?

Life is total — and leading total life you come to conversion. Then the land and root occurring is extremely beautiful; there there is nothing irregular. Then polarity disappear in each other and polar opposites become complements.

But the old person was not really human. It was the humanoid, homo Mechanicus — the person who is not integrated. And the person who — is not whole never can be sacred.

The new person comes, arrives every day. It is in minority, it is natural — but new people have arrived, new seeds have arrived. And this century, in the end of this century, we will see either death of all mankind or a birth of new mankind.

Also it is all depends on you. If you remain adhered to old then the old person is plotted to commit major suicide, the multiple-purpose suicide. The old person is ready to perish; the old person has lost concern to live.

For this reason all countries are plotted for war. And the Third World war will be total war. Nobody will be the winner because nobody will persist in it. Not only — the person will perish, but also all life on the Earth will be destroyed.

Be careful! Be careful of your politicians — all of them of the murderer. Be careful of old requirements which one divide you into Hindus, on germans, on Japanese, on Americans. The new person should be general-purpose. It will exceed all parting layers of strains, religions, a floor, skin colour. The new person will not part the East and the West; the New person will make the whole Earth the dwelling.

Only then the mankind can persist — and not only to persist — and to bring new concept about the person…. Old — the concept or — or: new will be both that and another — both. The person should lead rich life outside and rich life inside; there is no necessity to select. Internal life not against exterior life; they — a part of one pace.

You should be sufficient on only outside, but also to be rich inside. You do not want to be rich outside and miss the opportunity to be rich inside. So was till now — the West has selected one trajectory: Be rich outside! The east has selected another: Be rich inside! Both one-sided. Both have suffered also both suffer affliction.

I learn you to total oof. Be rich outwardly through a science, and are rich with your most internal core through religion. And it — that will make you by one, organic person.

The new person does not battle on the Earth, it not the split personality, but represents the joint person, unique, completely organic with life in all totality. The new person will appear more viable, image of the person, a presence new trackage in a Cosmos, qualitatively different trajectory of perception and knowledge of the actuality will be modified. So please not so wail over the old. This happiness that the old perishes, the death and a dawn at night comes is on horizon.

I am happy, happiest that the conventional person disappears — that old churches become ruins that old temples — are thrown. I am very happy that the old morals — uniform, plane leave from the Earth.

It is very major crisis. If we answer a call, there is a capability to create the new. Still the mankind was never so ready to it at all times. You live in one of the most perfect centuries — because old disappears, or has disappeared, and the chaos is created. But it only outside chaos that great spiders have been born.

You have a capability to create the Cosmos anew. This capability comes only at times — it is very rare. You are successful that live in these critical times. Use a capability to create the new person.

And to create the new person you should begin directly with itself.

The new person will be the mystic, the poet, scientific, all together. He will not look at life through old rotten dividings. It will be the mystic because he will feel presence of God. It will be the poet because it celebrates presence of God. And it will be the scientist because it will learn this presence through scientific methodology. When the person — all these three together, the Person is integrated.

It is my concept of the sacred person.

The old person was repressive, aggressive. The old person has been bound to be aggressive because reprisal always brings aggression. The new person will be spontaneous, creative.

The old person lived through philosophies. The new person will live not through philosophy, not through morals, but through consciousness. The new person will live through understanding. The new person will be responsible — is responsible pro se and existence. The new person will not be moral in old sense; it will be immoral.

The new person will bring with itself the new world. Right now the new person exists, but it in minority — but he is a messenger of the new crop, a new seed. Help it. Declare its ward to ownership: it is my message to you.

The new person is unclosed and fair. It is apparently real, podlin and self-disclosure. It will not be a hypocrite. He will not live for the sake of the purpose: he will live "in here and now". He will know only at one time, now, and only one place, here. And through this presence he will know, what God. Rejoice! The new person comes, old will leave. Old — is more narrow on an output, and new — is more narrow on horizon.

Osho: Eternity Philosophy, Thom 2, Chapter 2 the Realized World

Osho, One of these days I heard that you have mentioned idea making of academy of meditation and academy which one would bridge a skew field and mind in one organic whole. You could tell a bit more concerning it and how you see two such academies supplementing each other?

Prem Anubuddha, it is one of most complicated questions. It would not occur, but you can be not informed that the person accumulated centuries all negative sides of the life. Even excruciating the skew field it termed it as spiritual discipline.

My idea of making of Academy for a science has originated for the first time intentionally, instead of is casual. Till now the science was casual. People made an error on some discoveries, inventions. Even when discoveries have been made, they did not see them, but simply searched in the dark without sense and a direction. And politicians in the world who liked a major and major destruction force in their arms have immediately gained idea to enslave scientists. Now each scientist is subordinated some nation, to some pravitelstvuj it operates only for the purposes which one are anti-vital, destructive. The more destructive things it will make, the more it will be praised by the government, the more it will destroy.

My idea concerning Academy — creative usage of a science which one osoznanno will shun something that destroys life and will search and search only for that will develop life. This Academy cannot be only for a science, because a science only a part of the human actuality. The academy should be comprehensive, for development of creativity, art, consciousness; hence it will have three directions, actually they will not be abjointed from each other, but is simple as a matter of convenience we part it on three parts.

Making of methods, techniques, trajectories for arousing of human consciousness will be the most fundamental thing, and is finite, this consciousness cannot be against a skew field; this consciousness resides in a skew field. They cannot be unfriendly to each other; anyway they hang together. I tell something to you and my arm makes gesture without my report to it. There is a deep correlation between me and my arm. You walk, eat, drink also all things point that you a skew field and consciousness as one organic whole. You cannot excruciate a skew field and hoist your consciousness.

The skew field needs to be loved — you should be great friends.

It is your dwelling and you should strip it of all narcotics, and you should remember that it services you permanently, day by day. Even when you sleep, your skew field permanently works for your digestion, transmutes your nutriment into a blood, collecting dead cells from a skew field, bringing new oxygen, green oxygen in a skew field — and you prolong to sleep! It is all it is made for your surviving, for your life though you are so ungrateful, what even never thank your skew field. Vice-versa your religions have trained you to its torture: a skew field — your enemy and you should become free from it, it is a time reference.

I also know that you more than a skew field and are not present any necessity to have any time references. But love — not a time reference, compassion — not a time reference. The love and compassion are absolutely indispensable for your skew field both its delivery. And the best skew field which one you have — a major capability for consciousness growth. They the organic whole.

The world needs in is total a formation novel specie, radically which one acquaintance of each heart to silence — in other words with meditation will lie — where everyone will be prepared for compassion to the skew field. Because, if you not sostradatelny to your characteristic skew field, you cannot be compassionate to any other skew field. It is a living organism and do not make injury to. It is continuous process of your life and so will be to the most your death. Make everything that you would want to make, even impossible, and not be rebellious in relation to yourself. It is unimaginable, to create such gear. Which one would be such compliant and such knowing.

If you learn all functions of your skew field, you will be surprised. You never thought that your skew field makes. It so is surprising, so is mysterious. But you never learnt it. You never troubled about being acquainted with your characteristic skew field, and you simulate love to other people. You cannot, because those other people occur before you as skew fields. A skew field — the greatest secret in all existence. This secret needs love — this secret, its assignment should become internal probe.

Religions, unfortunately, were absolutely against a skew field. Because it furnished the clue, pinpointings and if the person learns wisdom of a skew field and secret of a skew field it will never trouble about priests or about God. It will discover the greatest secret in itself(himself), and in secret — a skew field — a relic of your consciousness.

As soon as you have learnt your consciousness, you perceive that God not above you. Only such person can be respectful to other people, other living beings, because all of them the same secret as well as he, flocks of various implications which one make life more richly. And as soon as the person will discover consciousness in itself, it will discover a tongs to the limiting.

Any formation which one does not learn you to love your skew field. Does not learn you to be compassionate to your skew field, does not learn you how to reveal this secret, cannot train you how to unclose your characteristic consciousness. The skew field is a door — the skew field is a rock for passage. And any formation which one does not touch a subject of your skew field and consciousness not only is absolute nezavershenno, but is the extremely harmful, because it will be destructive. Only the blooming consciousness in you can safeguard you from corrupting.

And to yield you huge pulse to creativity — to making of larger beauty in the world, to making of larger comfort in the world. For this reason I include art, as the second part of academy. Art this conscientious effort to create beauty to discover beauty, to make your life of more joy, to teach you to dance and celebrate. And a third — a creative science.

Art can create beauty, the science can discover objective truth, and the consciousness can discover a subjective reality. These three together can make complete any education system. All that is minor, it can be useful for the temporal purposes, but it is not not useful for your spiritual growth, can lead you to a radiant of pleasure, the world, silence. And the person who did not test interior ecstasy has bunked vain waste life. It vegetated, it excruciated itself(himself) since a birth severity, but he cannot dance both cannot sing, and cannot present something the pattern. According to me the religious person is the one who can introduce a certain beauty in the world, the certain pleasure, some happiness and celebration of which one was not there — something new, something green, is more than flowers. But religions never spotted a trajectory, I spot it.

Development of all religions has absolutely demonstrated their monstrosity and abnormality.

They have not helped mankind to go back to peaks of pleasure, beauty and love. They have drowned the whole mankind in poverty and travail, they have not taught you to freedom. Vice-versa they have assigned to you all types of servitude under a name obedience. Obedience to whom? Obedience to priests, obedience by that who has money, obedience by that who has authority — to put it briefly, obedience to all power structures. The small part enthralled the whole mankind in flow of centuries. Only the correct formation can convert this misshapen and sick situation.

My idea of Universal Academy of the Creative Science, Art and Consciousness is real, in other words this my vision of true religion. The person needs the best skew field, more a sound body. Major sensibleness and vigilance is indispensable for the person. All types of comfort and luxury which one existence can give it are indispensable for the person.

Existence is ready to yield you paradise here and now, but you prolong to sidetrack it is always after death.

In Sri Lanka one great mystic perished… Thousand people worshipped to it. They have prepared round it. It has unclosed the eyes: more some respirations and it were ready to sail from beach, and it left, left for ever. Everyone was aimed to hear its last pleas. The old person has told, "I learnt you all life to pleasure, ecstasy, meditative ™. Now I leave on other beach. I will not be accessible more. You always listened to me, but you never made about what I spoke to you. You always sidetracked. But now it is not meaningful to sidetrack, I leave. Somebody is ready to go with me?" There has set in great silence. People looked against each other and thought was possiblly this person who was its pupil throughout forty years… It can be ready…. But he looked at others — nobody has risen. Only somewhere behind one person has raised an arm. The great mystic has thought, "it is enough and one valiant person." But that person has told, "Please, allow me to illustrate, why I have not risen, but only have raised an arm. I want to know how to reach other beach because today I certainly am not ready. There are many businesses which one I have not completed: there have arrived visitors, my son marries and this day I cannot go — and you have told that from other beach you cannot return back." Once, in one day, of course, I will come also an occurring you. If you can, simply explain to us once again — though you explained us the whole life — only one more time how to reach other beach? But please remember that I am not ready to go right now. I simply want to renew the memory so that when the correct time will come…"

The correct time never comes.

This history not only about that unfortunate person, this history of million people, almost all. They wait for the correct moment, the correct standing of spiders… They consult to astrologists. Go to chiromantists… Ask various trajectories that happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow does not happen is never happens. Postponing policy is primely silly. All that happens — always today.

The correct type of formation will teach people to live in here and now, to create paradise on this land, not to wait for death ward, and not to be unfortunate to death which one shuts down your travails.

Allow death to discover you dancing, joy and happy. It is the strange experience if the person can live the life as though it is more narrow in paradise, the death cannot delete anything from experience of this person.

My approach should teach to live you in paradise, and this paradise not somewhere else, and it is not necessary any preparation to be happy. It is not necessary any discipline to love; only there is some vigilance, it is a little sensibleness, it is a little understanding. And if formation cannot yield you a few understanding, it not formation.

My concept of universal academy means that the whole world should have similar education in meditation, art, a creative science.

If we can create standard educational system all over the world then religions and discrimination between the white and black nations will disappear, the misshapen policy which one exists because of them, and silly behaviour of the people permanently plotted for war…

Every time when I see the soldier, I cannot suppose that this person has judgement generally. No animal becomes the soldier. But the person, apparently, has only one concern: how to destroy and destroy more effectively, how to prolong to perfect instruments for killing.

The correct formation will teach you how to discover your characteristic song and as will learn to dance and not to be the unsure; how to celebrate small things in life and to make the whole planet alive. It is a unique planet, as far as we know, where people can love, where people can meditate. Where people can become Buddhas where people, similar to Socrat and Lao Dzy can exist.

To us the happiness has fallen out to live on this small planet. It is one of the most small planets in the Universe, but even the greatest spiders, in million times major, than this Earth, cannot claim at least for one Albert Einstein or Jesus or Egudija Menuhina. It is strange that in this vast existence of the Universe, experiment was successfully accomplished only on this small planet to create small consciousness, small life. Now it is in our arms to grow from this small initiation in the infinite altitudes which one are our potential and are yielded us since a birth.

Till now formation did not go in the correct direction. It excruciated people waste history and geography. If someone is interested — these subjects should be accessible. If it is interesting to someone to learn about Chingiz Hahn, Tamerlane, allow it to learn it. But it be no point to train people in compulsorily any nonsense and garbage which one has happened in the past. It is so silly and so is incredible. To train people that once there were people similar Chingiz to Hahn or Nadirshahu, either Tamerlanu, or Alexander the Great, to train people in that was irregular from their side.

I struggled at universities, "Why you do not learn Socrat? Why you do not learn Chzhuan Tszy? Why you do not learn Bodhitharmu…?" 0ни the correct side of consciousness.

And training you in an irregular type of people, yield you idea that it is good, if you irregular. If you immediately want to become Chingiz Hahn, it will be considered as the correct. You do not make anything new, the person always made it.

We should classify history and eliminate the irregular people and advocate our children, not to condition appearance of similar people, ready to war, a control, competition, greed. We should train our children not in that was, and to that can be — not to the past, but the future. Why it is spent so a lot of time for instruction of subjects which one have no meaning in real life of existence and do not yield a direction concerning art of love, art of life, meaning of existence, preparation for death as to joy event, silence and meditativnosti. Everything that is indispensable misses, and that is insignificant and absolutely silly is urged to learn.

They say that history repeats itself. The history is not iterated. It is our nonsense that we continue to train in the same things each breed. Children become caused and start to imitate the same heroes who actually was the criminal, instead of the hero. Only one person, Chingiz Hahn has destroyed magpies of million persons. It is better to sink all information concerning these people from formation. Educate concerning dance of Shivy or a flute of Krishna. Train in their all volume that was beautiful and good so that they were inured that all that well and beautifully is natural, and bad is casual — that bad is not present, and never happened, and good things are absolutely standard.

What to be the Buddha not something supernatural. It should train that each child can become the Buddha and it is a standard phenomenon. Any who go and become informed enough can the Buddha. You were born to become the Buddha.

Great revolution should will be accomplished in an education system; otherwise the person will prolong to iterate history.

Now a time for silence and a time for laughter….

Dzhimi Goldberg has come in the evening home from operation and Bekki tells it: "You walked in a photographer’s studio and have selected for me photographs which one I appealed for? You are is interquartile have made nothing! You never listen to me! You never remember nothing! Oh! You have brought them. Well, thanks, absolutely wonderfully. Yield me to look at them! This snapshot is awful, and this is even worse. My God! It is awfully, it is simple affliction. Actually it is the most awful batch of photographs which one I ever saw in the life." You cannot make something correctly! You cannot control the car correctly! You cannot interchange the fuse correctly. You cannot sing and photograph, you the most bad! "Only look at these photographs: on everyone you have taken and have unclosed to me a mouth!"

The converted prostitute yields evidences of the conversion at the corner of streets with Salvation army. It stops the talk by cracked eggs of a major drum. "I was the sinner!" She shouts. BOOM! The drum knocks. "I was the bad woman!" She shouts. BOOM! "I drank vodka!" BOOM! "Played cards!" BOOM! "Hunted for men!" BOOM! BOOM! "I went at serotinal night on Saturday and rose in a hell!" BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! "And now that I make on Saturday night?" She shouts. "I stand at the corner of streets and I wobble in this damned drum!"

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If you same stupid, as I, here you are the Fourth Tongs

The person at whom is not present copecks in a bin and which one dreams of one thousand roubles, — it the happiest because it has a purpose. And here the one who has gained this one thousand roubles, — the most unfortunate because it has attained the purpose, and further that? Here then it can learn hollow.

To have million bucks or rouble in a bin — same. From it your happiness will not be bated, will not be added, your problems will not be bated and will not be added, they will be always.

Happiness not on the side, my dear, not on the side, and in you!

Many of you, my dear, spend the life so as if it and was not. Speak: it is good there where we are not present. And you are aimed there where you are not present. Years having spent, you come, see and are smashed: for the sake of it I have spent all life?! Oh God!

If at you the intuition is, and you feel, about what there is a speech… But if you same stupid, as I you have perceived nothing.

River S. From the shorthand report of one of the last occupations of a basic course. Slushatelnitsa:

— Mirzakarim Sanakulovich, is possible a problem?

— Yes. Yes. Do not rise.

— If I put to myself one purpose, and God for me has prepared another?

— And God where? The Lord in us, my dear! A problem initially erratic.

God in us. Its capabilities — too! Why Foremans term each other «my enamoured»? Because the creation state, desire to be good — also is love for God.

When your desire to be good is materialised, performed, it means that you are on the side of God, on the Creator side.

Here about what speech. Clearly? Well, well! Curtain edge I will uplift… We make Our exercises during a fortune of the greatest tenderness, enjoying. Being in such state, you cannot hurt to anybody. You will be one-sided in this sense.

You know, at me intuition standard. And here, during what moment, it at all does not work, does not operate? — When I fly into a rage, when I am angry, the intuition at me escapes, cut off.

If you want, if plan something kind is will be performed. And here angrily… Even if you a little want harm — that will be absolutely customary person. In it and odnobokost. I speak to you proceeding from a private experience.

Once I even have called the Trainers and have told:

— You have made the cripple of me? I cannot counter harm!

Then my Trainer has answered: «If you struggle with harm the harm then than you differ from it? You already angrily». Perceive? He has told: «Be transparent, both release, and try to love these unfortunate». Perceive?

Here I to you have told children’s fairy tales. Yes? In the end there was a wedding. All lived longly and happily. That’s all. I have concluded fairy tales. When will quit from here, forget that I spoke to you. It is all — foolish noodles on your poor eyes. Darlings my, my good! Today it is simple on ljaljakane have prepared.

Let’s train?.

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«Tell to me about God, and I have started to forget that already …»

At you three trajectories. The maiden trajectory — to be engaged self-contained. This trajectory is suit for very goal-seeking people. In sport everything want to be engaged, all know, what it is useful, but your desire to go in for sports usually terminates than? That also terminates!.

Here once, at last, you have precisely solved to work sport… For the first time early in the morning have risen, have unusually vigorously got the sportswear presented personally by Avraam Linkolnom, have blown off dust and have taken out a cobweb.

Have stretched on the skew field from which one it is so much nuisances and travails. Have gone out of doors. E-E-ECHOS! At last you could cause yourselves!

Around all sleep. Freely is, easily, flitting, as a gazelle, run on avenue. Breathe the complete chest, inhaling stupefying odours of morning dew and clearing up flowers. And nightingales, nightingales! What high!

The blood in cores pulses. The skew field was coated with a light perspiration. Have run about, have jumped, have then flopped in loch or small river, have swum for a while much, squeaking from enjoying.

Wet, vigorous, happy as a colt, knock hoofs, run, that is, flit, as a bear cub, home. Was joy have ridden, precisely knowing: from now on it will be iterated every day. Long live new life!

But dwellings something not that… Relatives ozabochenno fuss. And "fast" has arrived… Strange! Are converted to relatives and perceive: they do not learn you in new appearance, that is, in a sports suit.

Go to a bedroom, and there… There! On your favourite bed someone a mount cooled down sleeps sluggishly and immoderately. Any bomzheobraznyj a jelly! Not on-about-onjal!? And well, rise, the moron!

postojte, postojte, something familiar in this ugly lazy erypsipelas… Where you could see it? There are such noses!? Ba eak! Same I!

Well as so? Well as so?! It is unfair! Where authorities look? And it just when at last has solved to be engaged! At last has discovered a time for self-improvement!

It appears, at night you have already perished. As always, for one day have delayed! Well, what? You learn yourselves, balbesik mine?! When we will start to be engaged?!

Practically unities from thousand and thousand are engaged only. And only unities from those who is engaged, can train in house requirements. Why? Dwellings against you all will work enclosing bytovuha.

At all at us socks very promptly become dirty. All of us sometimes, well, at least once a year, brush teeth. All of us want to eat, drink, write and etc. all at us have operation, monogynopaedium, children, problems… It is a reality, my dear. This reality is termed "household activities". Or "byd"? Interesting, whence there was a word "cattle"?

God grant, that this reality did not become for us an altar that we were ingested by these byd that we were not transmuted in bydlomanov. It, of course, too a trajectory, but to what side, you perfectly know!

All sides of our life should be on the ball, but all of them should minister to what purpose? To self-knowledge, development of our higher capabilities, implementation of our higher reserving.

To me the episode of one film as the biennial girl when anybody in a room is not present, approaches to the neonatal brother was stored and speaks: «Tell to me about God, and I have started to forget that already».

We here communicate, but when you will close down the book will start to forget. Your capabilities boundless, but 85 % of people for some reason with surprising persistence, with surprising determination select the most destructive trajectory. Want to remain among them?

How to be healthy? How to be implemented? How to become the millionaire? How to make the children happy? How to be in such situation? How to be under such condition? How to be at… At… At… At… At… At… On all you have an answer!

At you the right answer is in your consciousness, in a shower! To you is more visible, but I think, the person should have a Trainer. For myself I have selected this trajectory.

In the east there is a proverb: «do not rejoice that you have attained something without the Trainer. If you do not have Trainer, it all the same is. If you do not have Trainer, means, thy Trainer a devil!»

But there is a knowledge from God, and there is a knowledge from a devil. The unique task of the Trainer consists in telling to the pupils: «I there was, there anything, except a mud, no. Here so much it has had suffered much, then ten years was washed off».

Its task — not to start up you there where there is no passage where there is a pit. With what? With experience. Means, the task of the Trainer consists in, that to you was not too bitter, and if is very bitter to be with a row during this moment because there is no experience, except the bitter!

And then, if you know, what ahead of a pit and potholes go more confidently and more promptly. Agree?

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How to scratch a vertex through a perineum

Now you will close down the book, will go out of doors, and world around with all dwellings, machines, with scurrying about people all there-here will tread out on you in thousand times more strongly, than these ours with you lectures. The reality of the world blind is, while, your reality.

People perpetually somewhere arrive, somewhere study, search for operation, search for money, a dwelling unit both etc., and etc. For-ache?! To be stronger and learn the capabilities?

They think: can be, happiness in this occupation? Perhaps, the answer to a problem stirring me in this post, a dwelling unit, the machine? Perpetually search for the answer somewhere, in something, at someone.

And what for to seek elsewhere what is in you?

Someone thinks: «If I will accumulate million, there will be a happiness», — and all life is devoted to it to million instead of simply were happy.

You are run up behind what at you is not present, and suffer affliction that it is not present. And you forget to rejoice to that at you is. To be happy, to be implemented very simply.

You think, I such clever? I write, and all of you read. Not! Be simple in one tiny field of human knowledge can a little I am better unmade, than you, and in remaining I to you even in soles am not suit.

If you now make the nonstandard solution if want something unusual to make, against you there will be a judgement of people — all experience of environmental customary people. Having contrasted itself with this majority, you feel at once very small. Agree?

You solve that time so much clever, aware of people so considers… Bosh dog! It is their vicious circle, it is their turnover of errors! Among blind it is impossible to speak about light because it causes them travail too often.

Time the Lord has made this person blind, means, this person originally rejected. He should to allow lead standard, customary life, abiding in spiritual blindness. He does not need to know that will happen tomorrow, in ten years, in hundred years.

The person to the doctor comes.

— I perish, — speaks. — oh, the belly is ill! The doctor, salvage me, I beg! The doctor has looked at it:

— What did you eat?

— Yes I, — speak, — I work as the baker. The whole board of bread-has burnt down. Well, remains there a little not till the end of the burnt down loaves, here I eat them every day. It is a pity after all kindly! Then the doctor speaks to the pupil:

— Bring ing a drug for blindness. Let every day on three drips in eyes drips. The baker asks:

— You that, scoff over me? I able to see! The belly is ill me!

— Yes, no! If you able to see then why ate burnt bread?

For what I write all it? I do not want, that you were blind. I do not want, that you were a branchlet which one was tore apart from a tree of life and goes down stream goodness knows where. I want, that you were the river. Perceive?

Actually, reading this manyplies, you, that without suspecting, have already started to recover the original capability to feel, trap in itself this flow. You have started to recover capability to influence it. You have begun force recovery with which one help will discover answers to all your problems.

All is inserted to you!

And to perceive itself, to learn itself it is possible only through the heart. Only so it is possible to become stronger. To learn itself through experience of other people — the same that through a perineum to hackle a vertex.

Have already tried? Yes? Is not present?! Strange. And I thought, you are engaged in it all life. And as it was possible till now to you, mind I will not apply! Here to you one more uprazhnenitse! So, we skip to other pages.

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The third tongs

Think, have wanted — and it was gained? Not-et! It is necessary to work. The realised reprogramming of the character, the capabilities, conscientious self-conversion Here will go.

The greatest anarchy — in ourselves. The most major chaos — in ourselves. The customary person follows the tastes of the thoughts and emotions. The customary person lives under the chaos law.

Yes-yes. The chaos too has a law, that is, the order. And here we should spend some small job. Though this small operation there to a horse-radish because the whole eternity of the life we there assembled chaos.

And you have noted one regularity? When inside at you chaos, we demand, that around there was an order. You have started to train, you have attained any effects. But, quitting the dwelling, fall in everyday swirl, and operates for years, for years, for years the turned out stereotype of reacting.

Here it is a band of your activities there where all your reachings, all your new acquisitions skid.

You were well trained. You can already retain a state of intuitive thinking, say, magpies of minutes. And remaining 23 hours of 20 minutes live in an old fashion — chaotically think, follow the tastes emotions and moods.

To you the information has come — it is necessary to meet someone, something needs to be solved — from smalls to global problems.

Leah costs in this case, to this problem to insert a time, transactions, money, force? A leah it is necessary to deal with any person or the time spent for it will leave is up the spout?

G  All problems, all candidates solution drop through skill of intuitive thinking which one you in yourselves have turned out.

Within these forty minutes you can discover answers to many problems! And if you prolong to train, skill will become stronger also a residence time in this state to be enlarged.

My dear! The continuance of experiments for you concludes. Life is not experiment! Efficiency of your life should increase in many thousand times! Any your solution, any your act should spare your life. Done?

Means, during agings on what will pay attention? Yield we will approach to a problem economically, statistically, that is, we will consider, how much transactions when and in what you will insert.

On maiden a stage of working on by itself, on an ageing initial stage: 99 % of efforts it is directed on making of pleasant feels. Then, when this feel is completed, we keep the control over it, but the strong-willed effort is gradually directed on forming of a fashion of the purpose, on the Octave.

Now only 10 % of attention it is kept on pleasant feels, saving and raising the level pleasures, enjoyings, beatificates. But you already direct 90 % of efforts on ascertaining of the purpose, clearly?

The third stage. Now on forming of feels, you spend for making of the Octave in the total of 10 % of efforts. You have already mastered it, you already have a skill. And you direct 90 % of efforts on tolerating these feels to "notebook" of your skew field, your muscles.

In other words, 5 % of attention outlay for feels, 5 % of attention — on a purpose fashion, and 90 % — on "tracing".

When pleasant feels start to increase and be boosted, during this moment you recall the dreams, the purposes, character traits or capabilities which one want to develop in itself, desire to equip the material and non-material life and etc.

On the spike of enjoying when you have already launched the program of the desire, you on all skew field drop a languor surge, a languor surge, a surge of pleasant feels.

Create artificially pleasant feels and drop them on all skew field, a surge behind a surge — all the most pleasant! Physical, artificially created and it is is conscientious retain ecstasy, an internal burst, desire to work transmit a skew field.

On it the maiden stage of your operation concludes. You have created three legs of the evolution, the propulsion.

One of them — a steer, second — gas, third — the brake. All! You can control yourselves. And now on these three legs 10 % of attention is required to you only, you will spend 90 % now for another… Well, there there are still some components scattered under miscellaneous heads of the book. Certainly, you necessarily will discover them.

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Be vigilant!

The second tongs

Well, I will tell more openly. It is is very relevant! Here you in the notebook have written: tomorrow it is necessary to work, make the Octave. Tomorrow has set in, and you speak to yourselves: «Well yield, sit, engaged! Well, yield, yield, yield! Well…»

You cause yourselves, and you to yourselves make the favour. You speak: «It is penal servitude, but from it there will be a favour». And from this day timing of your patience, an initiation of a stupor, a resting a forehead in a concrete wall will begin.

On how much you will suffice? It depends on your character, from your masochistic inclinations. The maiden time have gone on a scaffold, the second time, third…

When you cause something to make yourselves through I "do not want", through I "can not", when to occupations you concern, as to self-torture, it always badly terminates. Through any time of will power any more does not suffice. «It is necessary, Fedja, is necessary», — here any more does not work.

The majority of people, without knowing itself, enclose itself a pig, and then are surprised: why something was not gained or not added?

Yes because here — a vicious circle: I "want" it is clinged for I "do not want", «I do not want pro I want», and so ad infinitum. More precisely, to the complete marasmus — feels of impotence and reluctance to work.

And how to bypass this hindrance? How to modified this state? How to unlock a defection circle? And here is how.

You conclude today ageing, and the day after tomorrow you need to be engaged again. Artificially — attention! — artificially create such mood as if such pleasure, such enjoying, such high the day after tomorrow is necessary to you… But, unfortunately, only the day after tomorrow.

It is necessary to undergo, it is necessary to wait. Here after all, as it is insulting! And how it artificially to create?

Please, introduce that to you on all nachhat, on all to spit. A state relaxed. You simply sit and idle. Have introduced? It’s a go? Well! And now create detachment. Any emotions. There is no pleasure, there is no grief. Anything is not present. Hollow.

You sometime on fishing walked? When a fishing-rod you bombard, in half an hour just there sets in this interesting state. Here that it is necessary to create, clearly?

And now, please, recall feel of loathing. Well, from something it became suddenly disgusting, opposite to you! Imaginations add. Introduce: have mounted a new costume, an arm in a bin have put, and there something cold, sticky, slidable. Pull out, and it is a chunk of rotten meat with hearts…

Well ka-a-k, it was gained? And now again a detachment state create, please.

You have paid attention that all at you was gained. You can create any state artificially, any! You can create all gamma of emotional states.

Means, when you will be engaged, you will need was conscientious to add feel of a high, a presentiment perfect, the anticipation of pleasure, pleasure, fascinating happiness and then you will see that laziness by itself will start to disappear! When you are aimed to pleasure, laziness troubles you? No!

Here we have looked on an example as the desire-suffering to exchange with desire-pleasure is possible. To rupture a circuit desire-suffering, we need to create pleasure artificially. To anchor this pleasure, we need to tolerate it where? On muscles. To record it in muscular memory.

Now all it apply to the purpose. You have a purpose. You in life want to attain something. And why have not attained? Yes all therefore: goal achievement for you is integrated to travail.

What tells your life experience? Somewhere were jerked — has not quitted. Something wanted — it was not gained. Dreamt about something — a regional ohm. As a result, there was a skill of a pain, travail, a lesion. And already not very much it would be desirable. At any desire there is a flabbiness, fear, and you are restricted to dreams without activity.

Means, your purpose is too firmly bound to travail. And it became more narrow a habit, bar of your character. And we should be yielded your character the new skill, a new habit.

Means, an output: each occupation is led in created by an effort of will a state of pleasure, the pleasure, happy waiting.

In onanism in the childhood were engaged? That’s OK, that to hesitate? All the same nobody hears. All were engaged in it!

Here the same method now also dream. Thoughts that else it is necessary to train, are necessarily tracked substantially notable physical and, of course, spiritually, a state of forthcoming pleasure, enjoying.

Allow to buzz once again in your empty cranium that the echo stood: Auu!!! The mood forms artificially, artificially, iskusstvenno-stvenno-venno-no-o-o-o!!!

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Than the onanist differs from the married onanist?

The maiden tongs

Than the musician differs from the composer? The composer improvises, the musician performs. Per thousand musicians, can, one composer will be only. Than the pupil differs from the Foreman? Many times I iterate to the pupils one old parable. Want, to you too I will tell? Listen.

One Foreman has somehow told to the pupil:

— You are already ready. In a pottery you have attained perfection and became more narrow the Foreman. Now unclose the workshop and type pupils.

The pupil has gone to the city, has unclosed there earthenware workshop and began to work. After a while it in despair is returned to the Foreman:

— The foreman, at me is gained nothing!

The foreman has abirritated him and has told:

— Yield, right now, at me, start to make a pitcher. While you will make, I will look, where thy error.

The pupil zamesil clay, has made the form, then a stoving, painting, glaze, again a stoving. The beautiful pitcher was gained… But, something in it did not suffice.

— And you know, where you have committed an error, on what you have not paid attention? When after the maiden stoving you dragged a pitcher from board, you have forgotten three times to blow off from it dust and to wipe its mitten.

Sometimes the secret consists not in how to form, and in, how to blow off dust, that is, in the most insignificant moment or that seems to us insignificant.

If from the Octave, from your new fashion you want to gain something, here the maiden tongs: it is necessary to transmit
the emotional state to a skew field.

What does it mean? You have noted, how there is an Octave? Two-three instants rise — then rest on rise before new climbing. Two-three instants rise — again a decay. During very tall rise, on the spike of feels it is necessary to experience the state a skew field and to drop it on all skew field!

How it to make? Here, for example, recall. You sit in the relaxed state, read the manyplies or simply dream.

Suddenly — trrah! — something with a screen impinges somewhere nearby, or salute volleys, or an unexpected call bell you are unexpectedly distributed plucks from a slackness and rest state. During this moment that happens? You start, jump on a chair or generally impinge from a chair!

What has happened? the Sharp cue has transited on all skew field, having caused muscles to contract. Here to you, please: emotion was mirrored in a skew field. Here it also is blowing of dust from a pitcher. Here it also is the Octave in very primitive form!

But in our example it was consensual, casual. Such experience — waste, useless for us and even negative. If the such is iterated often you should get pampers.

Means, emotion and its reflex in a skew field…

Our task, having stored this gear, to apply it at own will, arbitrarily, completely osoznanno. And during the Octave not once, and from three hundred to five hundred times within fifteen-twenty minutes!

That is to become such as you want, it is necessary to anchor your interior aiming, desire in a skew field. Achieve such state that your desire was anchored through skew field responses. To it pay attention.

It is the maiden tongs.

And there are ten more tongs, and more ten, and more!. Now permit to iterate the same, but only in another way.

If during a shower Octave will work, the spirit — to be strained, and the skew field remains relaxed, from this exercise of favour do not wait! You can be engaged ten years for ten hours per day — the favour will not be!

Here you sit in the relaxed state, and already it is time to you to rise. Try to trace, as your desire to rise is transmitted your skew field. To begin with simply rise and again sit.

Now do the same, but slowly, fixing that moment when you have not initiateed yet with physical activity, but a cue «to rise!» Has already gone on a skew field, hardly noticeably straining muscles.

Now iterate the same, but without any physical activity. Only desire and a light interior strain. Any physical implication!

Here this transient state — imposing to muscles of the will is there is your leg, a datum. And now we need to take over the control of this state of will and to boost.

Any positive desire, any sincere effort we should connect to the imperceptible response in a skew field. Then muscles will store your aimings, your burst.

You at school learnt organic chemistry? Learnt. And something now therefrom remember? Remember nothing, except pity scraps of any formulas. But himichit you still as himichite! However, already in another way, if, of course, did not become the professional chemist!

Why from all read and heard at school a little that remains? Why "in one ear and out the other"? Remember about the second signal system? The information gained in the verbal form, has property instantaneously to escape.

But if you have once learnt to go by the velocipede, you never forget. If you have learnt to float, never can forget, as it is made, because muscular memory saves the information for ever. Yes, it can be blunted. And can to become brighter, to the contrary. But muscular memory is not deleted never!

G  In this small chapter one of the main foundations, tongs, secrets on disclosure of your magic power is yielded.

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Though you fight!

You did not have a problem, at what here any agings with their strange states? And thus, what exactly during this moment, in this state the most courageous your desires become a reality. We termed it as the Octave.

And now introduce that within an hour you three hundred, four hundred, five hundred times attain a state of the Octave and each time is a state at you all above, above, above!

The reusable, multiple-stage Octave is a state when your desire, your aiming, your faith gain huge force. Such force that your purpose starts to be performed. In this state of the Foreman transit forty-day ageing.

Remember, I told, how cobblestones are transmuted into dust? They make it in such state. And, pay attention, not alone, and all together. Why? Because in this operation one boosts another, and everyone boosts all.

And if you prayed sometime, converted to the Most High God as though faced a door in Its cabinet, knocked and appealed for on reception. And the reusable Octave is the right with resolution and the invitation which one uncloses that door. Speaking in images.

It seems, we in any chapter spoke about tajnopisi. Permit, I will tell one parable. I think that will fathom. One enamoured has somehow come to the dwelling of the beloved and has knocked.

— Who you? — Has asked a voice because of a door.

Is I — loving you! — he has told.

— Leave, you do not love me, — there was an answer.

And it has left. It longly wandered, and in the end of a trajectory it has again appeared before the same door. Also has again knocked.

— Who you? — Has asked the same voice.

Is you, — he has answered.

And the door has swung open. Clearly? It’s cool! Then work!

Now a problem: you what for knock on that door? Well, who what for, I perceive! But more often, to ask something, agree? And so, the reusable Octave is one of methods to reach.

It is very ancient practice which one people perfected centuries, centuries trained to attain skill. This state of mind and skew fields when they simultaneously completely are occupied by one aiming. They are drained off in blanket driving to the purpose, and the aiming finds huge power.

Know, why soldiers on the bridge never walk a ceremonial step? Once the regiment of soldiers went on the bridge to a leg, and when have reached the midpoint, the bridge has suddenly failed. And why?

I will tell rationally. The Oscillation frequency of exterior action has coincided with a system oscillation frequency, and sharp ascending of range of these oscillations has begun. It is termed as a resonance effect.

And now I will tell to you a simple language: because all is amicable in clock period dolbali this bridge that one leg another, that is, rhythmically it swung and so have strongly swung that the bridge has collapsed.

And now recall, how do you feel in a concert hall or during salute on the floor space. Here introduce that you — in crowd which one claps and simultaneously something scans. Your feels?

Even if you there the person casual, all the same at you begins somehow differently, than usually, to knock heart. In all skew field there is any strange driving, as if you pripodymaet. And if you with all the heart with them together, if also… Remember that then happens? And after all it is the same resonance effect.

Think, what all it concerns the Octave? Not too direct, but also not too curve. Because during a reusable Octave too there is a resonance, only the diverse.

Our world in which one we live, is rhythmic: summer-winter, winter-summer; night-day, day-night. All time something changes, alternated, but these are major, longtime pace, major on comparing with the not too major life. And there are short: an inspiration-exhalation, heart: rat-tat.

And there is pace of the Cosmos, the Universe, that is, the pace exists in all. And how lives throttling? When at you very good mood then certainly there is a light decay. Have noted or not?

Always in the same state it is impossible to remain, agree? Here too there is a amplitude of oscillations, the floating lever, the pace. Well, yes you know!

Introduce that all these oscillations — both material, and non-material — at some instant start to coincide.

That is, you go on the bridge, beating time, simultaneously scan and slam, swing the bridge: swing the sincere aiming, the burst, and at the same time swing, as a swing, the Earth and all Universe and it is simultaneous all eighteen thousand worlds which one as speak the Foreman, separate from us the Lord.

The ecumenical resonance originates in a shower, a skew field and world around! Saw sometime a cobweb? In whatever place the fly has taken in head to touch a pad a cobweb — the information on it goes at once in all directions, all invisible tissue starts moving at once.

The same happens during the Octave. Foremans in this operation create such psychophysical state which one gives a signal on all cobweb of Creation. They boost the Life line voltage, and there is a resonance.

Somewhere there — it is not known, where — the red bulb is fired, operates the relay assembly, the circuit is shorted, and their reversal, their desire is accepted to embodiment. Their desire is performed, that is returned to them on a net, but — attention! — is more narrow
in the materialised type.

My dear, I do not joke! Many time validated, it so! Here it to us should learn.

— Yes unless it is is possible?

— Yes!

I cannot teach you to it and nobody can. But you can learn. Experience odds!

I do not say that any genie will build specially for you a gold palace, and then will sink it prjamehonko to your legs. Anything similar! You will build it, because will know how to plot.

You will precisely know, as as for this purpose it is necessary to make, and will see: all and all will start to help you with it, all will start to be added wonderfully how you want. But, that this "by itself" has operated, it is necessary to till, till and till! At you it will be gained! Not you maiden, not you last!

Here this feel of a resonance when life resonates, mirrors your desires — incomparable! It is such powerful creative force! But while to us before it is far. We still should study, study and study, as Nasreddin bequeathed us great Hodge.

In that to study? To engineering of signing on a state of a reusable Octave, speak? And this state does not have technicians because cannot be in love, genius, happiness of blind or able to see engineering. Is not present and cannot be any briefing! Well there is no it though you fight!!!

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Welcome to teachers from the parallel world

Remember, I told about force places? And so, in one of such places of force there is a concealed tunnel and on depth about forty elbows — catacombs. This place where Foremans transit special agings. Why there, underground? Because the place the pure should be, that the leg of the person there did not step.

Our thoughts, our senses — they after all, actually, are material. And they have property to subside, as a tarry soot as dust on everything that environs the person, — on walls, on things. And here there, underground, in this sense, all is sterile.

At first have training three-day special preparation. Then five days there is the livelier ageing, then seven days, then magpies. Fancy: magpies of days without blowing-down to train, deeply underground it is absolute without a sleep.

For days one small globule of ground nut coals with raisin and one and a half litre of water is yielded. So at our school. At miscellaneous schools variously.

If you have not a sleep days, will not eat, how feel? And if three days? The roof will go, you agree? And there magpies of days, moreover continuous motion! Trainers necessarily nearby are, that the one who trains, from mind has not descended.

For what purpose it is all it is made? By such ageing the person attains very deep altered state. There is an activating of those bands of a brain which one at the customary person are in a sleeping state.

And then other vision is unclosed, another is unclosed chuvstvovanie. The person can see and hear through walls the same as you see and hear that nearby.

Can see — not eyes — that the gopher in the hole makes, can see that happens above ground, and more miscellaneous other capabilities there are displayed.

About it if God blesses, another time and in other book we will talk, OK? Because it is a supervast subject! But the very few can withstand such trial.

Remember, I told about "the mad" miracle man from Samarkand? It was best of the best pupils of my Trainer, but he without the permission of the Trainer has solved to spend forty-day ageing alone.

At the latest moment it has not withstood and has interrupted it. He did not know some relevant things, but one has gone, without the Trainer. That from this it was gained, you know.

If any fan, having learnt something by hearsay, tries to make it — of curiosity or for what — a certain death! There were such events. Perceive, my good, inhabitants of three-dimensional room?

That now I will tell, you can easy perceive, as the alternate delirium of the patient from "silent" separation of psychiatric clinic. After all you are more narrow to it, probably, have got used! Means, so! We continue to delirate!

Attaining a certain state, the Foreman gains not only access to special "library" as required to take therefrom miscellaneous convergence, references, manuals and answers to the problems, but also a capability to travel in room and a time.

In this state it "goes" to the parallel world, "goes" to interchange pupils-trainees with other Foremans — "colleagues-drinking companions". For these Foremans all worlds are the same reality, as for you your work place.

… Now has suddenly perceived that on this place it is time to be shut down…

To editors:

This chapter has concluded and I transmit it to you. But convincingly I appeal for to read once again: was interquartile, some information blocks should be removed, as incompatible with mentality of readers!

River S. We have solved nothing to remove! Who is ready to perception, that will fathom, correctly?

G  At once is forced to anticipate interested persons self-contained to be trained!

Artificially maintained sleeplessness to a state of ageing has no ratio! In nowise it cannot be made!!! The essence absolutely in other!

I am converted to those who suffers affliction a sleeplessness. To you to the neuropathologist! But if you in a head very naturally have for a long time already advisers, connection with a cosmos in the form of voices or images is displayed, necessarily visit the psychiatrist! To you to be engaged it is contraindicative!

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